About OVAS

Sharing experiences, creating memories

It’s all about YOU

Ogden Valley Adaptive Sports (formerly Snowbasin Adaptive Sports) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to provide adaptive snow sports programs at Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley resorts. We are passionate about enriching the lives of people with disabilities through winter sports and recreation. Thanks to the generous support of individual donors, grants from private corporations, foundations and the community, we offer scholarships that enable participants to engage in our programs, regardless of ability to pay.

Who can participate

Individuals of all ages and abilities can participate in our ski and snowboard programs. Our lessons include specially designed equipment such as bi-skis, mono-skis, sliders, ski bikes, and outriggers as well as traditional ski and snowboard equipment. Many times, you will be tethered to an instructor or stand-up skier who will assist with steering, balance, and getting you down the mountain safely. We encourage the inclusion of family and friends in your lesson and the program. It is truly life-changing for everyone.

Our Instructors

We have dedicated instructors and many volunteers who know they are privileged to coach and ski with students of varying levels of cognitive, emotional and physical disabilities. Our instructors are highly skilled and have specialized training in adaptive techniques.

Sometimes participants are paired with the same instructor for multiple lessons, fostering a trusting relationship that helps maximize their learning potential. The comfort of a familiar face helps them overcome challenges in the lesson. Consistency is also important, so instructors write up progress notes about goals, accomplishments, and next steps after each lesson. These serve as a “where we left off” reminder for the next lesson.

Our staff cares about the goals of our participants. We share stories, discuss successful strategies and troubleshoot individual challenges on a daily basis. When one person encounters a hurdle, others help transform the same into a learning asset. Everyone at OVAS brings something unique to the team, and we strive to come up with solutions together. Sometimes that means we try a new approach in teaching. Other times, we identify a motivating factor. Always we are thinking of our students and their goals.


We believe that everyone should be able to participate in our program no matter their financial ability. Participants who demonstrate a financial need may be eligible for a scholarship to cover a portion of, or the full cost, of the program. We strongly encourage participants to pay as much as they are able so that scholarships will be available to others throughout the year. Please click on the LESSONS tab to fill out a Student Information Form and submit a scholarship application.