Making a Difference, One Student at a Time


Jena was able to go skiing with her YW group last week. She did awesome and had fun. Her leader said that she handled the icy conditions fine and they loved sking with her. It was Jena’s first time to ski without an instructor, first time at a new resort, and the first time at night. All the credit goes to Jena and to Terrie and the other instructors at Snowbasin Adaptive Ski Program. This is one of our goals—to allow her to participate with her peers and she did it! Thanks to all of you for your work with Jena and the other skiiers in the program.



I’m an adrenaline junkie in my head still, but my body just won’t let me do it. This program brought back something I thought I would never be able to do again.

Just being on the mountain again and having the instructors bring me down brings so much happiness to me.



Thank you for looking out for Foxfire and for taking such good care of him! I really appreciate all that you guys do so that people like me can continue to pursue our (crazy) passions despite vision loss.

Thank you!



Thank you so much for finding a way to make this work!

By the way… I was talking with some friends today about our trip for next weekend and told them of the great program you have and that you bent over backwards to find a way to give Joshua a chance to benefit from it. One of them mentioned they were skiing at Snow Basin earlier in the season and got into a good conversation with one of your instructors on the lifts (not during a lesson!) and was blown away by how comprehensive a program you offer.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you and for Joshua to experience your program!



We had a great time everybody at the adaptive ski center made a world of difference between having a good vacation and having a great one! Thank you. Kudos to James, the greatest instructor in the world, and Karen!



… it gives him so much needed confidence and pleasure.

—Colleen H.


Incredibly competent and engaged guides and volunteers who seem to truly love helping others make their dreams come true. An outstanding group of people! Your gift has boosted my confidence and proved that, with a little help from my friends, I can still do the things I did before vision loss. You’ve taught me so much….Thank you



We are extremely grateful for the Board’s generosity in awarding this scholarship to Dane. We see amazing progress in coordination, confidence, communication and behavior in Dane every year that he participates in your program. It is an awesome program!!



The scholarship has been very helpful to help offset some of the costs, allowing us to help provide the opportunity for Taylor to experience skiing and have an activity he loves during the winter.

—Dave F.


I am able to volunteer with whatever you need me to do to help out this amazing organization, Shandon loves this opportunity to be able to snowboard and be just like the other kids.

—Angela S.


Snowboarding is one of Caden’s favorite spots and activities, he looks forward to this time of year every year. Caden is not capable of just going up on the mountain and skiing all day unsupervised. We need this program for his development and activity pleasure since his activities are limited without supervision.

—Kirk H.


Dallyn has no income and is not able to work. With Dallyn’s medical and daycare costs it makes skiing on a regular basis difficult without scholarship assistance. Dallyn talks about skiing all year and watches for the snow on the mountains. It truly is his favorite sport and keeps him active during the winter.

—Shellie D.


Skiing has been a tremendous therapy for Dane, both with the weight of the equipment and being outside doing something active and social – all has been helpful to mitigate his autism. He has also learned more language (sign language) from his ski instructor.

—David H.


The lessons help him continue skiing which has improved his motor skills and strengthened his core muscles, teaches him how to follow multi step instructions, he loves all the instructors!!!!

—Danielle N.

Nicole V.

He absolutely adores skiing at Snowbasin, you can tell that he (regardless that he is nonverbal) genuinely loves skiing, he smiles all the time while skiing, hugs his instructors and has a sense of confidence.

—Nicole V.


We found Ogden Adaptive — she took lessons from William and it was one of the most positive and exciting experiences we have ever had!!! Her confidence in all things sky rocketed. From her excitement I decided to give skiing a second try, I had a not so pleasant experience skiing as a kid. The last part of last year’s season was a lot of fun for us. This year we have decided to involve our entire family of 7.

—Stacy N.


Wanted to send a shout out and special THANK YOU to Ogden Valley Adaptive Sports. They made our son and our family’s dreams come true, allowing us all to ski and snowboard together. This is a one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to taking care of people and families that need a little extra assistance. The love that we were shown from everyone let us know that they live and breathe what they do. It’s not just a job. Our son, Santiago, was their son. Thank you to Karen, Jim, Don, Shawn, and Cindy. Thank you Dusty for starting us on the right track and building Santi’s enthusiasm immediately. Extra special thanks to Paul and Denise for volunteering your time but also sharing your Love and Kindness for our whole stay. And to David Wardrop…there are no words to describe the man that you are, and the love we feel for you. We can never give you what you’ve given to us. Just know that you are forever family and in our hearts always.

—Raymond O.