… it gives him so much needed confidence and pleasure. —Colleen H.


Incredibly competent and engaged guides and volunteers who seem to truly love helping others make their dreams come true. An outstanding group of people! Your gift has boosted my confidence and proved that, with a little help from my friends, I can still do the things...


We are extremely grateful for the Board’s generosity in awarding this scholarship to Dane. We see amazing progress in coordination, confidence, communication and behavior in Dane every year that he participates in your program. It is an awesome program!!...


The scholarship has been very helpful to help offset some of the costs, allowing us to help provide the opportunity for Taylor to experience skiing and have an activity he loves during the winter. —Dave F.


I am able to volunteer with whatever you need me to do to help out this amazing organization, Shandon loves this opportunity to be able to snowboard and be just like the other kids. —Angela S.