Jena was able to go skiing with her YW group last week. She did awesome and had fun. Her leader said that she handled the icy conditions fine and they loved sking with her. It was Jena’s first time to ski without an instructor, first time at a new resort, and...


I’m an adrenaline junkie in my head still, but my body just won’t let me do it. This program brought back something I thought I would never be able to do again. Just being on the mountain again and having the instructors bring me down brings so much happiness to me....


Thank you for looking out for Foxfire and for taking such good care of him! I really appreciate all that you guys do so that people like me can continue to pursue our (crazy) passions despite vision loss. Thank you! —Barbara


Thank you so much for finding a way to make this work! By the way… I was talking with some friends today about our trip for next weekend and told them of the great program you have and that you bent over backwards to find a way to give Joshua a chance to benefit...


We had a great time everybody at the adaptive ski center made a world of difference between having a good vacation and having a great one! Thank you. Kudos to James, the greatest instructor in the world, and Karen! —Richard


… it gives him so much needed confidence and pleasure. —Colleen H.