Getting signed up is easy!

Student Information Forms MUST be filled out prior to booking lessons

Getting Signed Up is Easy

Getting signed up for snowsports lessons is easy. Our instructors are specially trained to work with people of all abilities and have expertise in the use of adaptive equipment. You’ll be paired with an instructor to work on your specific needs and goals. We love what we do and want to see you succeed and have fun!

Start by filling out the Student Information Form below.


Student Information Form

Who We Serve

Ogden Valley Adaptive Sports lessons are for individuals who require adaptive equipment or adaptive ski or snowboard techniques in order to participate in snowsports. The individual must be legally blind, deaf, or have a permanent physical or cognitive disability. Simply having a disability or illness alone does not meet the criteria for an adaptive lesson.

The following is a list of representative disabilities that might qualify for our adaptive lessons:

Blind: Applicants who are legally blind (20/200 in the good eye) to totally blind. Individuals with one good eye are not candidates. Physician diagnosis may be required to qualify.

Amputations: Applicants who have any single or combination of hand, arm, foot, or leg amputations.

Deaf: Applicants who use sign language or lip reading as a primary form of communication and/or who wear two hearing aids and are profoundly deaf (a hearing loss of 35 decibels or more in both ears). Our scholarship is not for individuals who have mild hearing loss. An Audiogram is usually required along with the physicians note.

Cognitive Disabilities: Applicants who have a mental impairment that affects the ability to process information and/or coordinate and control the body, which limits the individual’s ability to navigate the mountain safely and independently (i.e. Autism, Down Syndrome, illnesses or injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, that result in severe cognitive impairments such as losing the ability to operate a motor vehicle or sustain a job). An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is required for children with cognitive disabilities. Individuals that are on social security disability will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Physical Disabilities: Any individual with a permanent physical disability that requires adaptive equipment or adaptive ski technique. Having a disability or illness alone does not qualify for a scholarship. Individuals that are on social security disability will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Adaptive equipment may include, but is not limited to, mono-skis, bi-skis, outriggers, ski tip clamps, walkers and harnesses.

Scholarship Information

Student Information Forms must be completed before any scholarship application will be reviewed.

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Cancellation Policy

All lessons must be cancelled at least 2 hours prior to start times. Please note that if you or your child misses two or more lessons without prior communication of the absence, it may jeopardize your future lessons.

Forms for Participants, Volunteers, and Caregivers

All liability, media release, confidentiality, and background check waiver forms need to be signed electronically. Use these links to access and sign the appropriate form as directed by the Program Coordinator.